Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dear Noah: "WHAT THE!!"

A new phrase you discovered on YOUTUBE.COM from another child who also makes videorecordings of toy trains. Every so often you will hear this kid should out "WHAT THE!..."

Something about that phrase you love......and now that is all I hear......I woke up this morning to little shouts of "WHAT THE!"

I asked you if the child ever FINISHED the sentence with perhaps ANOTHER word? You told me sometimes he says HECK. SO..."WHAT THE HECK!" Not bad. That would be acceptable in most situations.

Right now you are playing behind me as I sit here and type this....and I hear every few seconds you blurt out "what the!" .....rattling of toys and again, "WHAT THE!"......

When you first became fascinated with Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang books and stories you frequently resorted to using common phrases from there. You really seemed to enjoy "OH GOOD GRIEF!" and in fact still use that one many times!

I do have to wonder as you get older if you will start filling in the blanks with the missing word or words? I really hope you just stick to the "WHAT THE!" because in reality it says the same thing anyway. We all hear the SILENT word(s) at the end....we fill them in with the word we would probably choose to finish the sentence so you need not even say them. When you are much older...that will be different.

Trying to teach you there are some words and phrases as well as some behaviors that are just not socially pretty tough. Sometimes you will say you get it but you really don't because then the next time we are out and someone jokingly says something like "if you don't stop it I will rub this booger on you!" just go and do it for them! I cannot count the number of times when you were in public school that you got into trouble for doing similar things such as that.

so my little man........"WHAT THE!"

i love you

mommy :X


Grandma said...

Good afternoon my little man.

Happy First Day of Spring to you and Mommy. It sure is nice outside today, right now the temp is up to 72, nice breeze, in fact all I can hear are my winds chimes chimming.

We've put the screen in the front door and the patio door, and air is blowing through the house blowing papers off the table, may have to shut something up.

Well it's almost time to fix Grandpa his supper. Have a nice evening.

Love you to the moon and back and then some more. Later Aligator, Grandma

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it could be treading on thin ice. If the sentences are completed with the wrong words and he likes the reaction and then begins using them in church, at walmart or at Krogers. I don't want to think about it. LOL Good luck

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