Saturday, March 10, 2007

Dear Noah: dual birthday parties...

Today we went to grandma and grandpa Lincoln's house to celebrate your cousin Audrey's birthday and your aunt Becky's birthday (which were both earlier this week).

We stopped and picked up grandma C. on the way she could enjoy the day with family as well. You did very well again today....but did get a bit over-excited a couple of times......though you were quickly redirected to calm down.

You had been so anxious about the day you did not sleep long enough last you were tired. WHICH toward the end of your day perhaps started to contribute to you being a tad whiny. All in all however again you had a pretty good day.

You participated in most things though some bothered your ears and you looked for a place to hide....and some things concerned you but you quickly got over them. You played Topple and Tumble with your cousins and aunt Melissa....and the piano with Audrey. You even got to go outside and run around making sounds and listening for echos. (you have been making sounds and listening for echos everywhere...including here at home, in the truck, anywhere you notice one). If you find a place acoustically designed well you LOVE to make repetitive sounds and hear/feel the vibrations of the sounds.

A couple of times you forgot to shut the bathroom door when you were peeing....a couple of times you forgot to completely zip up or even pull up before leaving the bathroom....and once when aunt Angela said teasingly to Audrey something about licking her on her DID......but overall you did very well.

You are in bed now....after going to the bathroom about 5 times in a row requiring my assistance of checking your butt because after all, each time you only wiped perhaps 15%, 50%, or only 5% ...and you said I needed to do the rest.

I am exhausted and might lie down for a bit before I need to finish some work.

I love you my little man who is growing up before my very eyes...

mommy :X


Anonymous said...

I posted some big pictures and also sent you all some. Hope they are OK. Your pictures turned out nice.

Daddy said...

My little man. How you so enjoy the company of family. Yet I also know how you often desire to have YOUR time to yourself. It sounds as though you had a busy day, yet productive. We know how sounds affect your ears, and you are progressing so much, and attempting to cope with that unexpected loud burst. Echos are great things, aren't they? I am still amazed and in awe of them myself. Daddy loves you greatly.

Melissa said...

I had so much fun playing games with you Noah. We'll have to come over to your house soon, so we can all play a game again. Audrey and I both love you!