Monday, March 05, 2007

Model RR show...

I took Noah to see the Model RR show today. I think he enjoyed was actually more of a flea market of model RR train stuff. There were only 2 areas set up in the back where they had model trains set up and running. Noah really enjoyed it all regardless. We had a good time.

Then we went to his grandma and grandpa L.'s house......had a great visit and supper there. Noah really enjoyed spending time with his grandpa. They played a lot of tic tac toe and grandpa even got Noah to try a new cracker. Noah did very well tonight while there...I was impressed.

anyway.....I am tired.

love you noah

mommy :X


Anonymous said...

I think he will try anything. Not sure how to always go about it but the crackers is a good example. He seemed to enjoy himself a lot. He sure likes to beat me in tic-tac-toe. I think he knows more about that game than I suspected because I had to watch carefully or he would beat me every game. As it was he seemed able to pick the best places to play and almost always ended up with two different ways to win if I blocked one he won the other way.

Daddy said...

Noah, You had a great day. I am glad that you enjoyed the train show and market. You are also very good at playing tic-tac-toe so I know how you enjoyed that. AND a NEW cracker??? WOW!!!!!!!!! I am so happy that you tried it. I hope that you liked it. Trying new things such as food is an importantant and exciting part of lofe. Love you very much. Daddy

nq said...

sounds like you both had a great day!
and trying something new (a model rr show, a cracker, etc) is always exciting!

Grandma said...

Well he only played one game with me, and I think he let me win, just so he could go back and play with Grandpa some more. But that's OK, I'm just glad he enjoyed himself. Love you both.