Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dear Noah: library and park day

We did manage to get to the new temporary library today. I could tell just the change in atmosphere, though a good one, tended to set you off a bit. You were having a very hard time focusing on looking at any books. You wandered down row after long row of books, stroking the wooden tops all the way down as you went. You were more interested in checking out the furnace and looking for a bathroom. Just exploring the architecture. You were excited to see the new children's area of books and seating arrangements. You quickly grabbed a book and went to a table to sit down and read.

We did not stay too long. We went and got you some lunch and took it to the park to eat it in the truck...and then you got out and ran around and played on the swings and slides. You noticed immediately they had replaced the older swings with new kiddie swings. While this bothered you...you did say "well at least they are colorful!"...which indeed they were. Red, yellow and blue all mixed up in a long row.

You love to swing. You could swing for hours. I remember swinging for hours. Now it tends to make me feel like I want to puke if I do it too long. BUT we did swing together and then I got off my swing and just watched you and pushed you when you needed extra help.

It was a bit chilly but sunny. A good day. You were very tired after the park though and was more than ready to go home.

SO...ONE wiping your butt episode before leaving...SEVEN more once we got back home before bedtime...(from about 4:00 p.m. till around 10:00 p.m.). YOU DID have a bowel movement each time or part of a bowel movement.

And we did work in some school review today.

You make the funniest SIGHS when you have to WIPE your own butt. You so reluctantly do it....and today you told me "it bored you" to wipe your own butt. You SOUNDED bored. I find that amusing...but when I started to chuckle and laugh you got very upset. I told you to get over it...because wiping your own butt was something you had to learn to do...AND the quicker you learned it and did it the quicker you could get over being bored.

You also said said "I'm bored" today driving in the car to the Dollar Store where we ended up NOT going inside because you did not want to....but there you also added a slight eye roll and another sigh to the comment.

yeah...oh yeah....I have many ways to keep you my little man from getting bored!

i love you



Daddy said...

Well Noah...Some things don't change. I remember when you were about a year old...swininging in the swing...even then you didn't want to stop. We could spend hours just pushing you in the swing. Something about the rocking movements...that sor of coincides with the autism I suppose.

New places are different for you. You DO need to check out all the new fixtures that you encounter and touching is a vital part.

You still need to begin to move forward on the potty issues tho. Your mom and I both know that you are able to do all your business...and remember...YOU CAN do it!...

Love you dearly,

Anonymous said...

I am glad you both got out of the house and the library trip was a good place to begin. And a trip to the park was good too. New swing seats and colors too. It sounds like you both had a big day. Probably slept good too.