Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dear Noah: have continued to announce "this is the first time _____ in 2007 I have done _____." You have also continued to tell me "I only wiped about 15% of my poopy this time" changing the percentage depending on what you wipe.

Tonight out of the blue you started to cry about how you wanted to get train wallpaper to put in your wanted it over the entire house. I said we were only renting this house and we never had wallpaper anywhere we lived. You reminded me in that back in Colorado we did put up a wallpaper border in your bedroom. SO....I told you we could check into getting a train wallpaper border for your of those that do not stay up permanently. AND change your room over to all train stuff. BUT it would have to remain in your room only. You cried like there was no tomorrow...but it only lasted maybe 5 minutes before I got you calmed down....and then you went on as if nothing happened. Then you got upset thinking if you put your trains away ....when tomorrow roles around you would forget to play with them. I explained to you that when the urge came to play with your trains it would come....whether you saw the trains ahead of time or not.

Then you said you had to have all your clothes and shirts and pants and shoes...all train stuff. Where would you find those clothes? And more crying.

Then you talked about how you wanted to get more trains and set up more should sleep well tonight my little man.

...everything will be fine....take a breath.......and we will talk about redoing your room train style!

mommy loves you.... :X

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Daddy said...

My Dear Noah. You love trains so very much!!! I will start looking for clothes, bedding, and accessories for your room. When you are surrounded by the things that give you great comfort, your whole being is much more at ease. Your mommy and I love you sooooo much...and we don't like to see you sad, or distressed. Maybe mommy will let you keep one train engine out all the time, so you can be reminded that they are always there for you.

I shall start searching for train items for your room. ANd perhaps even get some for here too, so you can see them when you visit or cam, okay?

Love you dearly, Daddy