Tuesday, March 06, 2007

this is the first time in 2007...

Noah has a really cute way of announcing to me when he does something for the first time in 2007. For example......when he went to Burger King the first time he announced "this is the first time in 2007 I went to Burger King."

He continues to do this with most things in his life. BIG things...events. AND then when the second time roles around he will say "this is the second time I _____ in 2007", etc.

He somehow keeps track in his mind...much like a computer would...and is rarely inaccurate. He does this for EVERY new year....and usually EVERY new month....after a few weeks into it....he sometimes stops......except for the New Year. Obviously we are now into March and he is still continuing it. Not sure how long he will go this time.

I have noticed too he has been naturally dividing things up into fractions or percentages......like he will say "well I ate 25% of my lunch today" or "I wiped about 50% of my poopy but now you need to come wipe the other 50%"...it can be very cute and amusing.

Sunday he told me he had a "BEAUTIFUL" day because it was an eat out day all day....he got to eat out 3 times! He was in heaven.

He had a headache tonight....even went to bed early...so I know he was not feeling great. I gave him some Motrin and by the time he was in bed ready to fall asleep....he said his headache was gone.

I still love to give him kisses at night...and when he turns his head just so....I can see the back of his neck....and it looks just like it did when he was a little guy.....like 2 or 3.....it has not changed....and I fall in love with him all over again.

good night my little man. ...mommy hopes your head feels better in the morning!



Anonymous said...

Well that is a nice post.

You should really think about putting these posts in a book. It would be something you could do and not cost you a cent and still have a nice book. I can tell you how if you are interested.

Melinda, mom of Noah said...

thanks dad. That is my intent eventually.......

nq said...

that'sa great idea!
i hope you do it!

Daddy said...

Noah, I sure hope that you are feeling better. You have just told me you no longer have a headache! That is great news! Your ability to keep facts and figures straight in you mind are amazing. I continue to marvel at all that you retain, more facts than other eight year olds, that is for sure.
Love you bunches my little man. XXXOOOXXXOOO