Wednesday, January 10, 2007

note to self

I have to stop saying "damn it" when I have something go wrong. I never used to cuss...not at all! EVER! AND somewhere along the last year or so I have actually said some cuss words from time to time. Lately it seems every time something goes wrong or I drop something or smash something out comes "damn it!"

Unfortunately NOAH now is saying "damn it" anytime something goes wrong for him....and has told me "well you say it mommy" which proves that yes.......they do really pick up things from us.

I have noticed a trend lately...less than desirable one......whever Noah crashes his trains he now will say "damn it" at the end of whatever else he is saying. When I DO something myself and he hears me groan before I can even get it out he will even yell out a "damn it" FOR ME!

yeah.....out of the mouths of babes. I explained to him while he was taking a bath tonight that while they were not really bad was not the best choice to use when you are frustrated by something. I told him I was going to start using "darn it" or "oh shoot"....and he told me to NOT use "shoot" but instead "darn it!" SO......I told him he could use that too and we both agreed.

next thing you know.....I dropped the softsoap off the sink in the bathroom and he heard me groan......and I caught myself......I just sighed.......he grinned....

Lord help us all......

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