Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dear Noah:

You were filming in your room......when you suddenly had to go to the bathroom....."NUMBER 3!!" you shouted (which is peeing, pooping together at the same know......1+2=3 deal). left the camera rolling......caught your backside walking into the bathroom...came back and put it on the all we see are your feet then....but once in the bathroom we can see your entire body. You squat on the toilet......and start talking outloud which is something you always do in the bathroom while sitting on the toilet. You either talk or sing....the entire you have also added FILMING.

Anyway.....pretty soon you called to me saying "Mommy.....I think we have a problem here....I think this is a very large poopy......and 75% of it has come out and is in the toilet....but 25% is still up inside my butt." (I just about lost was hilarious ...hahah....) I think you were trying to get out of wiping...but it was a bit messy....and I showed you how to handle messy ones.

You have been using HUGE words lately.....and correctly in sentences....but when I ask you what a particular word don't know. BUT when you choose and pick words you use to make long outstanding sentences of communication....those words are flowing off your lips now...and they are being appopriately used! It is very impressive......but worrisome at the same time because you do not necessarily know the meanings...though you know they are appropriate! (enough to make my head hurt).

I will not post the clip on YouTube and then here. I am worried people will get the wrong idea of your little backside being filmed on a small digital camera....even if it is a home video.....I would also not want some sexual predator eyeing your tiny body and getting any ideas....

so....we had a pretty good day today. At least we got out of the house for a short trip to the butcher shop and to check for train crossings.

i love you lots!

mommy :X


Anonymous said...

Your site is very touching. You are a wonderful mother, and your child is so lucky to have you..Your love and patience for Noah can only be fully understood by parents of children with autism. It truely is an uplifting story, that is told with the utmost truth and love..

Melinda, mom of Noah said...

thank you.....I am hopeful it will also shed light on the quirks of autism in the regular household as well!

thanks for your comments! :)

nq said...

i agree with laughingwolf- being able to explain a word is very difficult, for anyone, but comes with time...
you'll get it! keep up the good work!