Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Dear Noah:

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I will never understand how anyone would not want to be around you. It is still very hurtful to realize there are family members who just cannot handle you....or don't want to or give the impression they feel that way. Or even worse.......are afraid of you for some weird reason.

I am tired of all that.......but more thankful you are too naive to totally understand what surrounds you. Sometimes I wish I did not "get it" as loud and clear as I do.

Let's win that dream home in Colorado and move back....and take grandma C. with us!

i love you noah..........always.....

mommy :X


Mr. Sensibility said...

Melinda, Noah is perfect in his own way. For every family member who is too arrogant or too much of an asshole to see that, I have a family member who does see that Noah is a special boy and he can love and be loved. That what life really boils down to..

Noah, I'm not part of the family(yet) but I love you little man. :::hugs::

KC's Mommy said...

I too have some family that seems to be 'afraid' of K.C. They just seem to be on pins and needles around him.

Mr. Sensibility is absolutely right, Noah is perfect in his own way.

I do know how it hurts to have family act like that.