Monday, January 01, 2007

Dear Noah:

Noah and Grandma C.'s birthdays

Well you made it through your birthday party pretty well. I had little time to actually take any pictures of you......or anyone else during that time....sorry about that. Once everyone who was coming actually arrived you came up to me and said "Mommy...I don't want anyone to be here....just Melissa and Audrey (your aunt and cousin)......tell everyone else to go home now."

I proceeded to explain to you how everyone had come to celebrate your birthday......and to give you presents and have cake and ice cream. You went back to your room. Pretty soon you opened your presents and had some cake....well...the icing off your cake......and then everyone but Melissa and Audrey you got your wish I guess. You enjoyed playing with her a lot. She had a doll she brought along. A BOY doll that was anatomically correct and would PEE. Needless to say we all had to check that out. Audrey is only 6 and also getting very "curious"...she is such a trip and so much fun to be around. We ordered pizza and had a good time. You ate by yourself in your room......already overwhelmed with everyone being there only for a couple of hours. Audrey and you played some more....after we had official "girl talk" at the kitchen table over pizza. I cannot believe the PRESSURE put on kids these days.......and at 6! It made me more thankful I homeschool you.

You and Audrey got to talking about you being told her you go to school at home....and that your mommy was your teacher. All Audrey said was "I wish I were you." It made me feel good and at the same time a bit sad that Audrey has to face all that crap in the public school system around kids......there is plenty of time for that......I certainly don't remember worrying about weight or popularity at 6. It is sad. BUT we had a good time. I got to spend a lot of time talking with my sister Melissa which I really enjoyed. I have missed being able to talk or do things like that.

DURING Melissa and Audrey's visit you had to go to the bathroom a couple of times. Now when it is me and you around the house you will take your pants and underwear off in your bedroom and run to the bathroom to even pee. Well the fact that Audrey was in your room when the urge struck you did not cause you to change your behavior any. You took your jeans and underwear off and ran to the bathroom not thinking anything inappropriate......I asked Audrey where you were. In the bathroom....there laid your pants and underwear on the floor. When I asked her if you took them off in your bedroom she just grinned and said yes....I told her I guess she got to see the REAL thing today instead of just her doll. I am sure she will have a lot to share with her girlfriends at school! hahahaha. Oh my. This is one example of how you still have no clue that what you did was actually inappropriate. At grandma C.'s many times you would take your jeans and underwear off in the living room and run to the bathroom. I finally have you going INTO the bathroom there and taking your clothes off and PUTTING THEM BACK ON before coming out of the bathroom. I tried to explain to you any time you are around other people even in your own home that your private areas needed to remain private and to go INTO the bathroom first before taking off your jeans or underwear to use the restroom and putting them back on before coming back out of the bathroom.

sigh............That cute little interactive puppy dog I got you was a hit. You love it. You have named him Oscar. It does so many things and looks so amazingly real! I have some video clips but they are too long to upload. I will have to take some shorter ones and post so everyone can see it.

I am writing this on New Year's Day. We both actually stayed up to see the BALL fall in Times Square. You asked me when the ball would go back up again........I told you not till they get it ready at the end of this new year. We had a few snacks.........laid around in our jammies all day. Snoozed off and was very nice.

This is a first for me.......but I am actually ready to take down all the Christmas decorations and stuff now. I want to get things put back in order and things put away and then have time to spend getting this office/classroom in order.

anyway my little man......who has most recently been telling me you can DO IT ALL BY yourself........i love you........and happy new year!

mommy :X


Melissa said...

Audrey and I had fun at your party Noah! She's been bugging me since then wanting to know when you two will be over to our house to play. She wants to show Noah all her new toys she got for Christmas.

I'm also ready to take down our Christmas decorations. I think we'll start today as well. I'd like to get my house back in order too.

Love you both!

Mr. Sensibility said...

Noahs a very special little man and so sweet, this whole post was sweet.. I'm glad he's had some awesome holidays this year. :)

I love ya guys. :)