Saturday, January 20, 2007

Dear Noah: is all about trains with you still. Train crossings....train whistles, bells, flashing lights, routes, cars, engines, on and on. You never tire of it. You can sit all day and watch videoclips of trains if I let you. You can use part of your day FILMING videotrain clips with your new camera you got for Christmas.

This weekend I will need to incorporate your love of trains into your homeschooling.

I am sure it can be done and you will love it even more and it will make it easier to do your school work.

Not much else to say today. Mommy is tired.

i love you


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Daddy said...

Yes, My little man, You and I spent two hours today chatting and web camming and the entire time was spent discussing trains. You had me turn the camera so that you could view MY screen so you could watch your favorite trains sites. This is a new thing for you. But you seem to gain such enjoyment from it.

I Love you soooo very Much!!!! Daddy