Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dear Noah:

You just came in crying. Walked in holding your penis with your pants down...(I figure you hurt yourself...your penis....something horrible).

I heard you whimpering at the door...I figured at first you just were upset I had my office door partly closed. BUT no....you had hurt yourself. You said "I did something horribly wrong," (which amazed me again with the words you use now)....I asked you what you did. You proceeded to tell me you were rolling around on your big exercise ball on top of your bed. (which I had told you over and over to not do so you would not get hurt).

You apparently rolled OFF the end of the bed and landed on the end of it hitting your butt and leg on the way down and waking up Oscar your animated toy dog you got for your birthday. I asked you if you got hurt....you finally said yes (in between sobs)......pointing to your left butt cheek which was all red........you had your pants down because you wanted me to kiss you butt.....I did. Next you wanted me to kiss your leg which also got hurt. I did. Then you wanted me to put Oscar back to sleep mode......but he had already gone back to sleep by the time we got back into your room.

Yes.......you still come running to me for kisses on your booboos. I always willingly give them...I never hesitate. I wonder if when you are 12 you will still want me to kiss your booboos. Most 12-year-olds would not......but you are not a typical 12-year-old. Emotionally you are a lot younger than your 8 years. I asked you after your birthday in December if you felt like you were 8 years old. How OLD you really felt. You said you felt like about 5. I find that does indeed correspond to the emotional level you most likely would be at........since you have always been behind in that area by a few years.

As you get older however......we will have to come up with another way to soothe your booboos...especially if they involve your butt. I have taught you to self-soothe some of your own booboos now....so many times you will kiss your own booboos. Sometimes....in hard to reach places......you still ask for my help.

I am your mommy.....I willingly do all those things for you.........I love you

mommy :X

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