Monday, January 29, 2007

Noah and his weird dreams....

He is standing here giggling.....telling me he had "weird" dreams last night.

First he said it: "it was great because it was just me and daddy and we lost all the other parents but all the train engineers were still there...but NO OTHER PEOPLE were around. Then you said you were an adult.....but you did some bad things first and then some good things. You said the bad things were the peeing in the shower below and pooping on the floor...etc. We discussed the peeing in the shower and you found out that that is not necessarily a bad thing so you determined that it was a GOOD thing and okay to do. Then you said you did something on purpose...when you were a bit adult size...maybe in MID age......You said you were wishing that the train engineers were gone and that was when you knew how to drive a real train.

I asked you if all the other parents being gone included me..and you said yes. I asked if you if you would miss said "oh.....yeah......well....maybe a little bit"......later you said "I don't know."

I asked you what you and daddy would do and you said it would be just you and daddy and nobody else and you could do whatever you wanted and the first thing you did was PEE in the shower!

I asked where I was.......and you said........" space?" you promptly told me you kept all the accessories in this house including the furniture.

2) The second part of the dream was a problem......because you pooped on the floor. When I asked you who cleaned this said it was a sweeper that was real, with eyes, a nose, and a mouth and he ate the poop up!

3) The third part of the dream was also a said you peed on the tile floor in this house. When asked why you giggled and said you did not know....and you told me the sweeper cleaned up that also.

4) Was not a problem you said but it should was you playing your games on the computer over and over and over all the time all night long and all day long.

5) The fifth thing was not a problem you said: You told me you put AA batteries into the clocks in this house when they slowed down.

6) The sixth part of your dream was you filming RR crossings anytime you heard a train whistle.

7) The seventh thing was another good thing: I think I always talked to daddy on the phone every day. Even Tony was there too so I also talk to Tony too.

8) The eighth thing was also not a problem: You had a house in the Canada area...but it was in the area where Tony lived (which it could not be)...because you said it was on the border of the U.S. and Canada.

9) The ninth thing was you filming trains in the U.S. and trains in the Canada area. (I am sure your piece of heaven!).

10) The tenth thing had something to do with trains in Canada again which I could not quite grasp.

About this time I asked you if you really dreamed all these things or if you were making these things up now. You said the last half of these were REAL dreams.......things you thought about while you were awake I guess.

11) Building lots and lots and lots of HO train tracks and other

12) The final part was you playing with your HO scale RR crossing signals, and you liked to turn them off when the train was still crossing and turn them on when the train was a lot of miles away.

Now you had much much more....but I decided to keep this at 12. finished by saying:

"I love you......" "The end."

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Patty said...

Dear Noah,
You certainly had a wild night of dreams. What did you eat before you went to sleep? That might have had something to do with so many dreams. But hey, if you enjoyed them and they didn't frighten you, more dreaming power to you.

I either don't dream, or I just can't remember them. Sometimes early morning if I wake and then fall back to sleep for an hour or less, I can remember part of a short dream. But I never have dreamed much when I sleep.

Hope you and Mommy have a good day.
Love you, Grandma