Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dear Noah:

I have often wondered....if we were ever involved in some type of emergency.....and we were stuck somewhere for a few days.........WHAT you would eat. Would I be fortunate enough to have remembered to always carry staples for you such as M&Ms.......chocolate chip cookies.......anything you MIGHT like?

I mean if we were involved in like some National Emergency......and stuck somewhere.....there is nothing I can think of that you would be able to eat to get by. Other than things out of a vending machine if there were M&Ms. Can one survive on M&Ms alone?

You are so particular about food but easy at the same time. EVERYTHING still has to be "just so" even though now you will open up to exploring some new foods or tastes of foods.

BUT unless there were a way for you to get my homecooked chicken strips or frozen fries or BURGER KING.......would you eventually break down and eat something? Could you keep it down without the smell or the texture gagging you? Would you starve to death?

I have to remember to at least carry plenty of water and M&Ms....Goldfish crackers.....fruit rollups......some things with me all the time that I know you could "get by" on if you had to.

This used to worry me a lot after 9/11.....not so much so now.......but I do think about such things from time to time and wonder what you would do for food. The end result is a bit scary to me to even think about.

Driving to grandma's tonight I made some comments (not bad ones) about a driver pulling out in front of us. You have started to FILL IN words for me before I would normally say them. So what did you choose to say? You said "the idiot!" OH NO......I realize you have to have picked this up from me because in the past I have let that slip out of my mouth a few times. I normally do not any longer drive with road rage......realizing that if you are being slowed down for some reason it could just be one that will save your I go with the flow and try not to ever get myself into a predicament where I am running that late. So......I began the process again of explaining to you that IDIOT was not the best CHOICE to use or the nicest...and it was a word we really should choose to NOT say...especially in this setting. (even though it may be appropriate).

I have to admit I was NOT going to say record me all the time with your little camera......videoclips.........and sound. I am not thrilled with the way I sound sometimes on playback.

i love you.......forever to the moon and back again......over and over and infinity and beyond.....

mommy :X


nq said...

i can see how that would be frightening; in emergancy's it can be impossible to find certain things, and i do bet m&m's is one of those in most places...
then again, you can buy coca-cola EVERYWHERE pretty much, including the sahara desert in places, so if he drinks that he could probably live a long time on those calories alone...
but, more likly, you will keep a cupboard/ bad w/ goldfish crackers and things will return to normal quite suprisingly quickly...

Melinda, mom of Noah said...

Noah only drinks water, milk, apple juice, and orange juice. Only recently did I get him to try black cherry Kool-Aid which he now will drink. The only sodas he drinks are Sprite and Rootbeer but only rarely.

As far as foods go......he has to have things like hashbrowns.......but they can't be any hashbrowns...only Ore-Ida hashbrowns in the round shapes like what you get from Burger King. If they have an off taste he won't eat them.

Chicken....he used to ONLY eat frozen chicken nuggets..HAD to be BANQUET he will NOT eat them. Has to be MY chicken strips or FAST FOOD chicken nuggets only. He will not eat any other type of chicken....though in the past he did eat my chicken wings.

He has never tried a fresh veggie or fruit other than 1/16th inch of a bite of like corn or carrot. THAT IS less. He has never eaten 1 entire corn kernel or carrot strip. Never eaten an entire apple slice or tasted a banana. There are just so many things he would never even consider doing.

He will tell me things like: "Well...when I am 33 I will eat my first hamburger."

yeah...beef....another thing he will not eat...(which is fine with me).

Lora said...

Hi, I am a friend of Tina's and learned all about your blog and that you home school Noah through her. I admire your hard work and enjoy reading your blog. My son, Griffin also has some major eating/feeding issues and won't eat most foods especially meat. He only drinks water, apple juice, and milk. I too have concerns about what would happen if there was an emergency, I share your fears and concerns almost every day. I look forward to reading your blog in the future. Take Care