Friday, January 26, 2007

Dear Noah:

You can be so silly. Today before going to get clean underwear on you put your PJs back on without underwear....a first of that sensation for you. You got very excited about it as it "felt weird" you said....hahah. You told me "Mommy......I am trying something different....with my pajama bottoms and NO UNDERWEAR!". I asked you how it felt and you said "it feels really weird" (all the time giggling) ...."everything moves around funny."

you did a lot of giggling and seemed to enjoy this a lot before you finally got least put some underwear back on and then your PJs.

Here you are today having some spaghetti sauce and garlic toast for your lunch. I was struck by how you were are so flexible but this certainly does not look overly comfortable to me and yet this is how I find you sitting a lot of places......this is how you used to sit on the toilet!

squatter you be.......but I love you regardless!

mommy :X


kyra said...

i love the pics of noah! he is so handsome and is getting so big! and you know, this position actually looks VERY comfortable to me although not sure i could do it for very long these days. lol!

Patty said...

Must be your Great Great Grandpa Custer's blood line coming out in you. He loved sitting that way.

Love you sweetie,
Love, Grandma

Lynanne said...

Noah is so intuitive. This is how much of the world sits on the toilet too. A colleague of mine who specializes in the nether regions once told me that hemorrhoids are almost non-existant in those countries. I've never looked it up myself (frankly it was TMI, so I'm not sure why I'm repeating it.)