Friday, January 26, 2007

Dear Noah:

Slowly but surely you are learning to wipe your own butt after bowel movements! YEAH! It seems like this has been an ongoing process. I mean you turned 8 in December......and here we are!

BUT today you were wanting me to come in and check your butt after a bowel movement to see if it needed wiped. I had to ask you a few times what you wanted because you were not talking but instead holding your head down and just whining around instead. Finally you lost it and stood up off the toilet....growled and grabbed the wipes and shoved them at me.

Well.........THAT did it for me! I told you that you could wipe your own butt now......and to not ask me to do it again. I could check you once you were done......but YOU would be doing the wiping!

I heard you whimpering around in the bathroom....but you finally were fine and wanted me to check. YOU DID IT!!!!!! AND not just this one time but for the rest of the day! ANY time you needed to you did it by yourself. I think after the short-lived blow up you realize I mean business now......and you know you did wrong by acting like you did and shoving/throwing that tub of flushable wet wipes my way.

SO....progress is being made. Tonight you wanted me to check you......but really wanted me to wipe you. can do! I am really going to take advantage of this forced issue now and make you continue to do it! AND today you did I know you CAN do it...even if you have to wipe 3 times in a row! YOU ARE DOING IT!!!

I am very proud of if we can just get all those loose teeth out of your mouth!

love you lots!

mommy :X


Daddy said...

Mommy and Daddy love you greatly. Your mom always knows just when it's time to move you into a better direction in your life. We know that you have issues in areas and sometimes a little tough love is what's needed.
Daddy is so proud that you have grown and move forward in this area.

Love you bunches.

nq said...

great job noah! that's an amazing step!

Lynanne said...

Awesome! My 8 y/o still doesn't always wipe like he should. He hates the feel of toilet paper so he wont use it. Ugh! We use the flushable wipes instead but when he runs out he doesn't think to tell us.