Sunday, November 06, 2005

Super Nanny??????

SO I watched it. Was not overly impressed though I could relate to many things that occurred within the show. I could relate with the father crying over the simple feat his son accomplished when he would speak a simple word or help set the kitchen table. All normal-every-day-taken-for-granted things that become HUGE when they happen in our world. SO I sat there and cried. I also felt bad for the family's son as it seemed they had LITTLE IF ANY information about autism yet regarding their son and I did NOT like seeing how they set him off to the side of the table by himself and away from the rest of the family. The mom seemed to have a lot of difficulty interacting with any of her kids to be honest and was always shooing them away. Now I understand how you can get overwhelmed and tired and need a break but come on. You have to give your kids something to do first so I was glad SUPER NANNY did that!

Did not seem like they showed much about autism in this story at all really but it is only an hour show. DEFINITELY MOM should NEVER have let a 4 year old daughter be responsible for watching the son let alone her twin sister OUT IN THE FRONT YARD BY THEMSELVES! Not sure where they live but we would never dream of doing that here! I don't even let Noah go out in our enclosed balcony alone.

So anyway.......I was a bit disappointed. Seems not enough autism stuff was shown but again it was only an hour show. AND I think it may offer false fast hope to some parents out there with more severely affected autistic kids. Not all autistic kids respond to the same therapies in the same way if at all....and it seemed here they came in ....said do this and do that ...and then okay...time to leave and he is "fixed". Not quite that simple and maybe I took this wrong...but it was really only a starting point to that family's journey. I was THRILLED to see the son spoke words though and so quickly! Maybe he was just being a bit neglected too much and not interacted with enough? DID not seem like Mom had time for any of her kids and was always shooing them off to another room.

I know sometimes I am thankful when Noah finds something to keep himself busy in his room for hours on it gives me a break. BUT I also know it is NOT good to let him do that day after day after day and he needs to have interaction and be DIRECTED about things to do.

So anyway...while it was a good show I did not think it showed much about autism. AND quick-fixes are not usually EVER going to occur with anyone with autism. I think this is one of the biggest trial and error jobs we have ever had!!

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