Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dear Noah

You are such a sweetie pie! We were shopping yesterday in a store and you said "Let's walk down the Hallmark section" and we did. You said you wanted to get a card to send to Grandma Lincoln. So you said "oh here is one where you write your own message!" and you grabbed it. You then said "well I need to get one for Grandpa Lincoln too!" so you did. Then of course you could not forget Grandma Custer. have some writing assignments coming up as you picked 3 cards where you write your own message to send to them all. I also told you that you needed to work on some Thanksgiving cards!

Doing great in speech therapy!!! You have been a bit hyper-wound something or other lately!

I love you my little man...and you "took a catnap" again in your own bed last night.

OH...update on the lower teeth....both new ones coming in behind the front teeth on the bottom....but...the BOTTOM LOWER TEETH ARE INDEED VERY LOOSE now so I imagine they will fall out soon enough. You are a bit excited about that. Said you will be a man soon. Also are excited about what the tooth fairy might bring you!


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