Sunday, November 20, 2005

Dear Noah:

So tonight you came running into your bedroom. You grabbed at your heart. We thought you were going to say something about how your heart was beating so fast. Instead you told Daddy, "oh wait"......(while holding onto your heart)....and then "I thought God wasn't there....but I was wrong...He is right there in my heart."

Which got me to thinking. Do you suppose you somehow think of God actually BEING IN your heart? OR do you think your heart and its beating IS GOD? I know you have always been adamant about how GOD was IN YOU and you used to even say YOU were GOD....when we think you meant you wanted to be like God? Our pastor once told you that GOD was IN your heart. SO I am curious...but am thinking perhaps you associate your beating heart with GOD then. SO I guess your heart was beating funny again tonight or perhaps skipped a beat or two and you were "afraid" GOD was no longer there? BUT you then (after feeling it beating) said you were wrong and GOD was IN YOUR HEART!

ALL I can say is you understand WAY more than many adults do in regards to God and religious things. It amazes me. I am prayerful you will carry that into your adulthood.


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LynAnne said...

How touching! I think children understand far more than we given them credit for.