Sunday, November 06, 2005

Dear Noah:

Today has been a bit difficult for you again. We looked at old pictures of you when you were a baby. You loved that. You already talk about how you want to look at more pics again tomorrow. I said great!

AND we went to church though you were stunned this morning when I said we were going again...and you said to me LOUDLY I might add "WHAT??? You mean now I have to go to church EVERY SUNDAY???" to which I promptly added "YES!" and you said "there may be some Sundays I want to stay home with my mommy!"

You are very tuned in with yourself and must have known this was one of those Sundays as we went to church anyway but you had an extremely difficult time sitting in the seat and listening. We made it through the day but you also wanted to cry about just anything and everything that happened. I told you on the way back home that when you had a trying day like that....that sometimes it was good to just go back home and take a break for awhile.

Tonight you went to the balcony and you apparently wanted to see what the neighbors downstairs were doing for their son's birthday party. Next thing I see you are trying to CLIMB OVER OUR RAILING! You know that is OFF LIMITS but there you tried anyway. I told you to get down and come in for a time out. YOU SAID NO...yes you my little man are getting a bit mouthy back to me at times already ...but IN you came. I said you were in for a time out now and not going back to the balcony.

I explained the DANGER of it which I don't think you totally get. SO I said you could CUT your head open or break a bone or your neck and have to go to the hospital and have NEEDLES stuck in your body for IV medication or to be sewn up...etc. I THINK you kind of got that as you remember your bad experience with a blood draw in the lab. I mean I do NOT want to scare you or make you more leery of medical things than you probably already are but I also don't want you to think if you fell from our balcony it would something you would just get back up easily from and dust yourself off and be fine again!

SO........we never let you go out there alone. We are always right inside the door watching or right out there with you. You have done pretty well out there and to be honest I was a bit stunned that you even tried this again. Working at a children's hospital I KNOW HOW quickly a kid can tumble down from a place like that and be mamed forever or even killed.

Anyway..............all is well on the homefront now. Time to get you some supper.



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