Tuesday, November 01, 2005

November 1, 2005

So we stopped at Target on the way home from speech therapy. You now like to get a cart of your own just to push around empty. Heaven forbid anyone try to put anything into your cart as you have a fit!

Well we were headed to the checkout. You went first with the "empty cart". You were standing there waiting and not pushing it back to the shopping cart area like you normally do. SO...when the girl bagged up the stuff she figured it went into YOUR cart. Needless to say this sparked a HUGE scream and crying fit from you....almost anyway. You dropped to your knees and was yelling at her "no....no ...no...not in my cart!" The poor girl felt so bad.

I called you over and explained to you that not everyone KNOWS you don't want things in your cart. Sometimes accidents like that happen and WHEN they do..."it is OKAY!". I also told you to quit the crying as no one wanted to hear that.

You took some very deep breaths, wiped your eyes and said "okay" and were fine. You pushed your cart over to the others. All was well in your world once again.

Just that quick. Just that fast something can upset you...but you are getting so MUCH faster now with recovering from those things as well! So that is SUPER!



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