Monday, November 07, 2005

Dear Noah:

So last night it came around to bedtime. You told me you were "just going to take a little catnap" in your OWN bed. WOW I thought. SO you did not even get under the covers but we got you in bed. I covered you up with the afghan. And off to dreamland you went. You said "I will tippy toe into the master bedroom later" and so off you went to sleep. I went to bed. Daddy came to bed and you still did not show. Finally about the time I would be getting up to work here you came. You crawled into bed between us. Promptly went back to sleep. I wonder if you will do this again tonight?

THEN I realized that I sure will hate to see the time come when you no longer will be sleeping in our bed...though I KNOW that HAS to happen for your own good. I wondered if I was being a NEEDY MOMMY and making you feel like you HAD to be in my bed for MY SAKE?

SO I tried to let it go. Tried to let my mind relax and not worry about you in the other room and wonder what you were doing...if you were asleep or not...if you were getting up or not...where you might go...etc.

The night actually went more smooth than I anticipated. So we will see what is in store for us tonight my little man!




kyra said...

that is SO DEAR! congratulations to Noah for such a big boy night of sleep!! i always end up in Fluffy's bed sometime during the night. i do want him to sleep well on his own, but i must say, there is nothing more sweet to me than his little form. the time for snuggling our boys is so fleeting and precious!

Cas said...

hi, i have not visited for over a month but i am hoping things are going well.

That is a shame supernanny did not show much about autism. This would have proved to be a great opportunitity to help those families out there who are living in the same situation.

Your son looked absolutley gorgeous in his halloween outfit!!