Friday, November 18, 2005

Noah Lost His First Tooth!

Yep..finally! You had 2 loose bottom teeth but 2 already coming in behind them. We were worried you might not lose the bottom front teeth without some kind of problem...but then they got looser...and yesterday we were getting ready to leave the house and go to the library and you kind of winced and said "my tooth is really loose" and headed to the bathroom. Now I had been told by our occupational therapist that she had another autistic child whose parents also thought the same as us...but their child ended up pulling their loose teeth out! I had kind of felt you COULD end up being that way...and end up NOT being afraid to pull your own teeth out..which I was secretly HOPING would be the case as I did not want to have to pull them or take you to the dentist for any procedures. After a second or two you came out of the bathroom saying " tooth is out now" like you were all ready to go. I looked and it was gone and your mouth had blood inside it. I asked you where the tooth was and you said on the floor in the bathroom. Sure enough there it was! I immediately praised and praised you, trying to distract attention from the growing pool of blood in your mouth for fear you would freak out and have a bad association with the entire experience which would make future episodes even worse. I also wanted to keep the blood IN your mouth and not on your coat or shirt which I knew MIGHT freak you out. SO back to the bathroom we went where no matter what I said you would not rinse or spit...which was okay as you did not see the blood this way. Instead I took you back to the kitchen and got your bottle of ice water and had you take sips of that.....telling you to rinse and just swallow it...that it was okay to swallow your blood and that it what blood tasted like and this was all normal, etc. You did so well and mommy and daddy were so PROUD of you and so relieved the tooth came out. You turned it in to the tooth fairy last night hoping to get a GOLD COIN...sure enough this morning you had a GOLD DOLLAR coin! You were excited to see that! Now the second bottom front tooth is getting we will probably do the entire routine again soon. I AM JUST SO THANKFUL you can PULL your own teeth without a hitch! You are unique. What tends to bother most usually does not bother you...on the other hand what normally does not bother most...usually WILL bother you.


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Patty said...

Dear Noah,
Wow you lost your first tooth. That's great and I hear you did it yourself. That's even better. Shows what a big boy you are becoming.

Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving? Well it's time to go to bed for Grandma. So sleep tight, I love you bushels and bushels.

Love, hugs, and kisses,