Sunday, November 13, 2005

Dear Noah:

Well you just wanted to take a SUNDAY CRUISE today after church and dinner at a we drove around. Ended up in the foothills at Dinosaur Ridge. Was a bit chilly up there and we did not have winter coats so we did not stay too long. Since we have started to study rocks and minerals in school we picked up a few. You however were NOT in the mood to be shopping or checking things out INSIDE a store. You wanted to head back to the car and KEEP MOVING!!

I took a couple of short video clips of the area but they are not showing the color very well for some reason. We saw many dinosaur tracks..and they even had dinosaur teeth and other bones for sale. Many was pretty interesting!

You enjoyed yourself. You kept wanting to drive and then said you wanted to DRIVE ALL THE WAY TO NEW MEXICO! hahaha. Not exactly sure where that idea came from. When I asked said "from my mind". BUT we drove around for a couple of hours.....had a nice time...stopped a few places...back home now. You are a bit calmed down but also wired at the same time.

Your two bottom teeth seem to be moving a bit to allow those new teeth coming in more room perhaps? Not sure...we are still praying and hoping SO!

Here is a clip of you digging for bones at Dinosaur Ridge....that I will have to post later as the video place is not working right!

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