Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Dear Noah:

Well we went to speech therapy today. You did pretty well. Stopped at the Burger King right beside the speech therapy office for lunch on the way back home. You did well....was playing in their small play area. No one was there but us. For quite some time. Suddenly the place began to fill up. Kids came in...Some were really ROWDY kids. Like pushing and shoving each other over type kids. A kid with a toy gun (which we do NOT let you play with)...things like that. We promptly called you back OUT of the play area when those kids came in...as I knew you would not handle that well. AND sure enough....just the pulling you out prompted you to have a crying fit. On and on, over and over you kept telling me you needed to go to another play area....there were too many kids at this play area.....about 100 times in 5 minutes. ...crying all the while. We finally got you calmed down from that with knowledge that we were headed to the grocery store where you could push around a shopping cart to your heart's content. Well...you pushed it but also shook it around...pushed and shook it.....crashing into things. Not a good idea today I guess.

SO..I decided to let you have a VACATION from school this week. With everything going on and you having a semi-harder time than usual lately, I figured maybe you could use a break.

This morning you came out. I had a blue waffle material type jacket on as I was a bit chilly. You said "oh look at all those little squares" and promptly started rubbing them and putting your nose all over them and rubbing your nose back and forth all over the bumpy little squares cooing and aahing the entire time. So excited...loving it....then started giving me little kisses in each of the little squares. Too precious for words.

I love you!


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