Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Noah singing and videorecording


michellejl said...

Those videos are so cute! What a handsome boy! :)
That is great, I had no idea you could put little video clips on here. How do you do it?
Don't have much time to read now, but be back to read more later. In case you are wondering, I do not have autism in our family but a friend of mine has a son who is autistic and he is at our house quite often, so he feels like family! hehe
God Bless

Melinda said...

Hey there. I use a video host to write the codes to video clips I submit. If someone has the knack they could write their own code to enter in the entry. I use www.videoaddon.com and they are great! There are some places out there too however that are free to use such as www.putfile.com

Patty said...

Noah, you did a good job on the ABC video. Keep up the good work.

Love you to the moon and back.

supermom said...

I also am an "autism mommy" blogger. I was watching this video and my Little One (diagnosed with PDD-Nos) was nearby. He has made me play the video 5 times already. He loves to watch Noah and do the abc's with him. It is sooo cute!! This was a great idea!!
By the way, my son's real name is Jonathan Luke aka Jon-Luke for short. My oldest biological child is named David James(I'm sure you can make the connection).

Melinda said...

glad he is enjoying it! ;)