Sunday, November 27, 2005

Dear Noah:

So your daddy had been on vacation for an entire week before Thanksgiving. The first day he had to go back you told me this (while crying):

"I need a new daddy!" I asked "what?" and you explained "I need a new daddy so he can stay home with me all the time and not go to work!" "I NEED my daddy".

On and on.....kind of funny but odd at the same time. But you did not let up. I explained how daddy had to go to work to make money to feed you and clothe you and provide you with a place to live, etc. You calmed down some and then started telling your daddy "you need to come home early so we can play". "You need to come home by 8:00".

So daddy made a deal with you and indeed did come home early. NOT 8:00 early but earlier than normal. YOU my little man stayed awake in bed TILL he showed up....then got up and you two apparently played (while I slept) and had milk.

You are too sweet for words.

I love you.....mommy

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kyra said...

so dear. he loves his daddy so!