Friday, February 01, 2008

Dear Noah........F-WORD #2........

You had a great day Thursday at school.....but I did find out you said the F-word again. Apparently in gym class you were playing with some chains and rattling them around and making noises...when another boy told you to shut up. You told him to shut up....he said something else and you ended it by saying "what the fuck!"???????

Your gym teacher said something about soap in your mouth.....(you were VERY sketchy on the details).

You told your parapro it just SLIPPED out...and you were sorry.....not to tell your mommy!

You told me you thought since you said F--K and NOT F--KING it was OKAY.

I told you that ANY form of the F-word was not acceptable to use...including but not limited to F--KER, F--KING, F--KED, etc. (AND hopefully you will never use MOTHER F--KER!) (Of course I do understand sometimes the F-word just seems to FIT the moment....but really....there are probably much BETTER choices for you....especially at 9 years of age!)

You seemed a little puzzled but said it would be the last time you used the word.

Hopefully that WILL be the case.

Today you get to stay home because the school is closed due to ice and upcoming snow storm. So far we have ice and no snow.

You did your first official book report for school.....on....of course........TOILETS OF THE WORLD....a book you got at Christmas. I am sure your teacher will learn a few things about toilets she never knew before.

Okay....I need to get back to work!




Patty said...

I find this strange, since this isn't a word used at your home, so he must be picking it up from school. I wonder why the other children don't get caught, or perhaps they do, you just don't hear about it since it's not your child. They probably only let you know when your own child says it. Hopefully this is just a phase and it will pass. Love you both.

Drama Mama said...


Noah is the same age as Miss M, and all of the kids around her are trying out new words, too. Keep talking and loving and hugging and talk some more.