Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Dear Noah:

Monday you had a very poor technologic-related day. First off when I picked you up from school I could tell you did not feel well. You said you had a bad headache and did not want to go to group (social skills). You said your head was pounding. Your parapro said your headache started in the morning and just got worse. Not sure why they did not give you something for it. Maybe they are not allowed. You could only do liquid Tylenol or Motrin anyway....not chewable or a pill to swallow.

SO I took you home.

Then later your 2 GB memory card for your camera messed up. It no longer registers in your camera or the PC. Says the format is messed up......when we format it......it keeps saying ERROR. SO I may have to get another one for you. The good news is Walgreens has 2 GB cards on sale now for 24.99.

Then later that night you came into my office standing behind me playing your harmonica. On and on you played...I had no idea anything was wrong though what you were playing did sound a little drawn out and sad.

When I turned around to comment on how well you were playing a song you made up.....you burst into tears telling me you probably would need a new HARD DRIVE again already....because you thought one of your CDs shattered inside it.

I find out you got upset at a game you were playing....you said you got "bored" playing it and went to play another game but shoved it in apparently a bit too hard....you heard a pop. ...could not get the CD to come back out again.....etc.

This computer is not even a year old.....a good rebuilt one that did not cost much but a very good one and not even a year old for you.

I checked it out.....sure enough..the CD was shattered inside. Sometime later today when I get time I will see if I can clean it all out and have it be usable again. IF not.....I guess this means I will have to get yet another PC for you. NOT sure about that yet. There is nothing wrong with this PC......just the one and only CD bay is filled with shattered CD pieces. When I took the computer apart I could not even find all the pieces yet. It may be a longer project than I anticipated.

So.......you had a rough ending to your day and so did I.

THEN this morning you were already getting up at 5:30 because we were having a severe thunderstorm here.....bad lightning and lots of thunder......and you were concerned about a flood watch....I sent your butt back to bed.

I hope and pray today will be a much better day and I can have time to fix your computer.

I love you Noah.......even when you stress me out a bit.



Patty said...

Lets hope it can be fixed. Is there anyone in your area, that might check it out (cheap) and get it to working? You know that old expression, when it rains it pours, well it sounds like it's coming from all directions for you today. We had a thunder storm earlier, your Grandpa woke me up this morning when he got up at 4:15 and I couldn't get back to sleep, so I got up. I get my hair cut at 10. Now it's time to fix some breakfast. Hope your day runs smoothly and you and Mommy have a good evening. Love you

Melissa said...

I had a horrible, pounding headache yesterday too. I came home from work today because I'm so achy, my sinus are hurting and I'm coughing like a seal. Hopefully I'll be feeling better tomorrow, right now I'm running a low grade fever.

Anyway, I saw that his computer was fixed, so that's a good thing!

Melinda said...

well hopefully you will feel better soon. Yes his PC is fixed for now....and works. I want to get a different hard drive for him though.....one that actually fits his case better.