Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Okay Noah.......your PC is up and running again for now...

Mommy forgot that we had your old PC in the garage that I could "borrow" a hard drive from.....so I yanked the good one from that computer....let it warm up.....installed it on your computer.....and all is well again in your little world. This one does NOT fit the case of your new computer properly......but.....it is in there and working and for now it will work till I get a new one that DOES fit in your case better. I want to make sure to get the right one.

So.....I just saw some screws I did not put back in on the back or sides of your computer that holds that outer side door in place. I guess once the virus scan is done I will put that back on....but all works....mic.....camera....hard drive to play your games..internet access....etc.


I still love you lots...


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Patty said...

Hooray for Mom, who knows how to repair an item in more ways then one. Next time sweetie, be more careful when putting in a CD. You have to be gentle. Hope you had a good day at school and you and Mommy have a fantastic evening together. Love you both.