Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dear Noah...when you type instead of handwriting...

it is so much more detailed and expressive! When you have to share your feelings or emotions on paper for school for example by handwriting out is like pulling teeth and very difficult to get you to form opinions or thoughts together and then compile them down onto paper.

Last night you sent an email response all on your own to a young man in Arizona you have become friends with who also happens to have autism and likes trains. He is in his early 20s. I told you to go ahead and send a response back to an email he had sent to me for you...if you wanted. You sat down and when I came in to check later you had an entire paragraph already typed out and waiting to be sent. When I read it over I have to admit I at first wondered "who just wrote all this?" because it all sounded so much MORE mature and adult-like than from a 9-year-old boy. BUT it was all YOUR thoughts and ideas and I became very excited to then READ it.

You expressed your knowledge base of the subject very well to this man but then you took things a step further and I also read your personal thoughts AND HUMOR in this email response. I am so excited.....I want to share it with here it is:

I always tell Noah to tell this man it is him when typing a personal he does not think the response is coming from me his Mom....hence the "THIS IS NOAH" intro....

This is Noah. I think the bell would be Safetran and the lights Wch (if Wch made fading LEDs.) or you could make it ALL WCH signals with the bell too. last thing. YOU COULD make the bell DIFFRENT. like waco, the RARE IN THE U.S. wabco, wrrs, grisward, and gs if gs made m. bells. they ONLY sell e.bells. back to safetran. they have a company in Australia wich i don't know the name. I have a dream last night wich had 10 crossing with the same signals YOU have now. the 12x24 lights all in 10 crossings! but the signals came to me. ALL OF THEM!!!! then rhe signals at the crossings became gated with your 4 4" gates lights. there they have 6 gates!!! but 1 was tooken out by a train what the heck happed?

You are quite the little man Noah. I love you very much. We will have to suggest to the teachers you TYPE all your work when possible....because I think you would do a much better and more thorough job.

I love you!


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