Friday, February 08, 2008

Dear Noah....."synonyms"......

Last night you came to me with a note pad in your hand....asking me how you spell "exempt." My mind automatically flipped to "taxes" since I just filed and it is that time of year we are all starting to think about taxes....but I asked you WHY you wanted to know how to spell exempt.

You frequently come into my office area to ask me how to spell words you need when performing searches online. I wondered why you would need the word exempt.

What came out of your mouth next stunned me.

You proceeded to tell me how "exempt" when used in regards to train tracks was a SYNONYM for "abandoned" ....because any "exempt" train tracks were ones that had been abandoned....all part of why you needed that word when on a railroad site to look up "abandoned" tracks.

You have come such a very long way Noah and it is amazing to me to see how your brain and mind are working together to finally help you understand more ABSTRACT meanings of words.

As you make more and more progress it just reminds me of someone slowly waking up from a deep sleep.

I hope today you have a good day at school as you will have a different parapro since yours will be absent today.

I love you lots!



Anonymous said...

what a smartie! i love hearing about noah!

Patty said...

Good job Noah. That's how to learn new things. Hope you have a wonderful day at school. Sun is trying to shine, that always makes everyone feel so much better then an old cloudy, dreary, rainy day. Have a great evening with your Mom and Opie. Love you all.