Monday, February 18, 2008

Dear Noah...President's Day....a day spent together...

Since you were out of school today I took you out to eat at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. YOU LOVE Cracker Barrel. We got the most perfect table while there too......right next to a window facing out where you could see RR tracks. The HIGHLIGHT of that breakfast was a visit by one train while we were eating.....and it moved so very slowly. We took many pictures of it and video clips.

I took you to the mall and bought you a new winter coat to finish the season out. At Sears on sale! NICE coat. We enjoyed walking around together in the small mall.

We ran a few other places and then you got BURGER KING for lunch. Stopped at Grandma C's on the way home to visit. You then wanted DOMINIOS PIZZA for supper.

You complained the other night to me. You said there was a slight problem you discovered. You needed to start eating LESS so you did not have to go to the bathroom so often. I told you... you needed to start eating BETTER foods and not fast foods and things like that all the time. Your system cannot tolerate it all the time. SO you are paying the price today....and wanted to stay home tomorrow from school too already, afraid you would have to use the bathroom too much at school. I told you as often as you went tonight you will be cleaned out and not have to go during the day tomorrow.

I think too you just want to spend the day home so you can PLAY on your computer...something you missed out on today while buzzing around the town with me. Your MOM.

We stopped at a park and played around in snow squalls on the swings and playground equipment. You ate your lunch in the truck. We had a very good day together and we enjoyed each other's company a lot.

I asked you if you had a good day today. You said yes. When I asked you what you liked the best out of the day, you said Cracker Barrel and shopping. THAT surprised me because I figured you were going to say the train! I think in your mind Cracker Barrel included the train!



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Patty said...

Dear Noah,
Sounds like you and Mommy had one terrific day. Glad you found a coat on sale to finish out the winter. I like the Cracker Barrel to. I talked to Grandma C tonight and she thought you ate at The Iron Skillet. Well it's time for bed. Hope you have a great day at school tomorrow. Love you to the moon and back.