Friday, February 22, 2008

Dear Noah.....a 2-hour delay.....but you stayed home anyway....

another near-snow day. Still snowing here. Your school had a 2-hour delay but you stayed home cause I am fighting off something and so are you. You said your head hurt...and this was after it was extremely quiet in your room and I found you had crawled back under your covers after I had made your bed.

SO.......yeah....with me feeling like I do and you.....I think with sinus issues......I let you stay home.

SO not much to say today but I love you....and more later!


OH.......I have not been able to visit some of my normal blogs out there because I accidentally imported my BOOKMARKS triple into Firefox.....which basically freezes it up each time I try to access them....I cannot even access it to reset it to defaults...which would remove my bookmarks and I could start all over again. I do have an OFF site bookmark I guess I will have to go there and find most of my links when I need them. Firefox cannot handle 33,000 bookmarks quickly!


Anonymous said...

There is a simple solution to your bookmark problems with Firefox. Just to a normal delete of Firefox through your control panel. Then go to and download a new version. It will keep all of your settings and might enable you to get the things straightened out. I have done that before many times but never had triple of anything to start with.

Stay warm. We got ice all over the place down here. It rained all day yesterday and it all froze.

Melinda said...

I did that but all my bookmarks popped back in there again triple!