Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dear looked sick when I picked you up from school yesterday...

You left that morning sniffling a lot...and I had given you some non-drowsy Claritin to help with that. By the time I picked you up from school you looked very sick. You were very pale, had dark circles under your eyes and absolutely no energy.

I asked if you felt okay. You nodded. I thought you felt hot like you had a fever but when I checked it at home you did not. You did say about 10 kids in your class were absent so I guess something might be going around.

Hopefully you won't get anything. Your body is very good at fighting off sicknesses and germs.

However we had to run to the library and store after school and it was all you could do to just walk into the places. Once in the library you sat in a chair with your head either curled back or your entire body curled up semi-sleeping. At the store you rode inside the cart and never got out saying you were too tired to walk. This has happened before in the past when your body and muscles just seem to give and they have nothing left to offer you.

Regardless we did get our errands run and you seemed a bit better when we got home. You went to bed very tired and with some Benadryl to help dry up your nose.

Today school is on a 2-hour delay from the snow. I have to wonder if they will cancel it but your school has already missed so many days because of snow and next week on spring break are already requiring you students to attend 2 of the days of that week you would normally have been off. I imagine they don't want to do away with the spring break altogether because you will have to make up even more snow days.

Depending on how you feel, maybe you will just stay home since school is on a 2-hour delay. We will see. I will send you if you seem to be fine, especially because it will be a short day.

I love you. Tonight is the LUNAR ECLIPSE.....but it will be so cold outside and if too cloudy we may not see anything anyway. If so though we will have to snap some pictures!

SMOOCHES my little man!



Anonymous said...

Hi just joined the autism ring and checking out the other blogs. One day I went to pick my son Josh up and he was only 1 of 2 students left. He is in a special ed class with 10 students.That day there were only 2 standing because of everyone getting sick! YUCKO! Your blog is very lovely and your son is just beautiful.Take care!

Patty said...

Dear Noah and Mommy,
Hope you get to feeling better. I know Becky's school was closed today, so I assumed a lot of schools were closed, since MVCTC only seems to close if the schools feeding in the students closes.

We had three little boys came around today clearing the walks and drive way, we asked what they charged and they said what ever we wanted to pay, so we gave them each $5.00, I was just getting dressed to go out and use the snowblower. I had called the neighbor to see what they paid them, and she said $5.00 each, she said the last time they did it, they paid them $3.50 each and their son Kurt told them that wasn't enough. So I guess we did ok, and they did a great job and was done in a hurry. More later, love you both.

Drama Mama said...

Beautiful moon. Hope Noah feels better soon!