Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dear Noah....."blowing me a kiss"

Today when you realized it was raining outside.....you suddenly did not want to go to school. You came into my office and dumped yourself in my lap, very upset. As I was telling you all the reasons why you should still like to be at school...you had something negative to say back in response.

I reminded you that today you had gym....you said "but everyone always finishes running before I do." (I guess the gym teacher has been having you all run 5 laps in the gym and then walking 1-2 laps before you even DO anything else like play hockey...etc.) I asked if you were always the LAST one getting done running.....you answered "no." SO I told you that you were not the slowest runner then...and to just do your best and try to enjoy it. Today you were going to be wearing your gym shoes I quickly added...which would make running easier for you (because yes even in winter and when the kids wear boots and shoe wear not appropriate for running the kids have to run). They are too little to be allowed time to change into gym-specific clothes and shoes I guess.

I finally got you ready to go to school. I told you when dropping you off I would wait and make sure all was well since you all stood outside in line this morning. The rain had stopped and the weather was nice. You ran to get into line. I saw other boys wrestling around in line. I know if you are expected to stand still, eyes ahead, arms to your side...I would think ALL the children would have to do the same. BUT apparently that is not the case. The "monitoring" teachers (and I use that word loosely).....did NOTHING to stop the boys from horsing around....even when they knocked into other kids standing in line minding their own business.

THESE types of environmental stimulus are like time bombs waiting to explode.....because if those kids knock into you....all hell could break loose. OR you could respond back and you would be the one getting into trouble.

BUT there you stood.....eyes ahead....arms to your sides like I have taught you......minding your own business......very focused......just like a little Army recruit.

I decided I better get out of the car and STAND right there by the FENCE to let the monitoring teachers know I WAS watching and the kids know...FINALLY the teachers yelled out something to those boys horsing around to stop after they all had turned around and noticed me standing there. What crap!

Your line was finally ready to walk in......and as you did......you turned around and flashed me the biggest smile.....and put your hand to your lips and blew me the biggest, most exaggerated kiss in the world.

My eyes filled with tears....and I realized just how much I absolutely love you...and I thank you for giving me such a wonderful memory to cling to for the rest of my life.....because that image will be etched in my mind forever - - much like a candid snapshot...for me to recall upon any time I wish.

I do love you Noah. I realize you are growing into a young man and undergoing many changes physiologically....and I hope and pray you will always never be afraid to show someone how much you love them....just like you did today...no matter who else may be watching or what they might say.

I wish more around you could do the same.


this is dedicated to you Noah.....even though I got choked up singing it.....I love you!


Anonymous said...

oh, melinda! i am bawling over here. so so beautiful! are you playing the piano, too? wow. just wow. and i LOVED the story of Noah standing in line so patiently and with such self control. i shake my head when i see parents/teachers not doing their job, not monitoring, not reinforcing the rules for all. it's so much harder for our boys! this sort of thing happened just yesterday with Fluffy at one of his homeschool classes.

Patty said...

That was just beautiful. Someday when Noah is all grown up, he will enjoy looking at this blog. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Love you and little Noah.

KC's Blog said...

Same here, bawling my eyes out :) Noah is so talented just like his Mama.
It's hard to have kids in school because from what I have seen these days, parents aren't teaching their children enough, respecting others etc. Do you ever feel like you are the only parent whose child has manners and does respect others but the other children/adults do NOT do the same?
Big Brother had an incident at school where he was being pushed in line by one student in particular. I did tell him to ignore the student because (Big Brother says he'll get into trouble for telling, can you believe it?) finally I told him to push the child back because this kid was clearly a bully. Well of course when he did that the teacher seen Big Brother and of course she never seen the other student the whole time, only Big Brother, sigh.
I wish there were more Noah's and Fluffy's and Big Brother's in the world. More Melinda's and Kyra's too.