Thursday, February 21, 2008

DEAR NOAH....another email message you sent today

I love all the EMOTION you displayed in this one!

This is Noah. they also have the type 3 e. bell. (Yes. Safetran makes THREE e. bells!!! how cool is that and the type 3 and 2 sounds like the gs type 2. (the type 3 has the clang in m. bells but sounds like the gs type 2.) Did you know u.s.&s. they have a e. bell which sounds like the gs TYPE 2!!!!! and the gs type 2 or 1 can make the sounds OUT OF THE SAME BELL!!!!!!! AND HIGHER AND LOWER SOUNDS TOO!!!!!!! I can't belive that there are so many bells that sound like the gs type 2. MY dream last night was THE BIGGEST CROSSING IN THE U.S. YOU and me went railfanning at this crossing ( or sould I say: 20!!!!!!!!!!!) that was wreid since there were 20!? all signals had bells which were: wrrs, waco ,wabco,wrrs and safetran. and the brands who made the bells i,ve typed, made the 8" lights. the 7 Safetran signals have your 12x24" lights. when i come back from school i will make a topic about are dreams and make-up crossing with your artwork and my paint-like artwork.

Noah you impress the hell out of me...I love the way your mind works!



oldmanlincoln said...

Well I am surprised too and the note in the previous post. If I knew more about these things it would make more sense. I suppose the person he is writing to also knows more than I do so he would understand. Nice work Noah.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

WOW! I have no idea what he's talking about, but I know he does, and so will the young man.

Guess I will run to grocery as soon as I do up the dishes, because if we're getting what they say we're to get, I won't be going anyplace tomorrow. LOL Love you both

Melissa said...

He did a great job! I love how he used all caps to sound excited and all the !!'s.