Monday, September 17, 2007

prayer request.....

This is the view from inside Noah's playground looking across the street at the house that caught fire. The house is directly across from the school's playground.

Noah is still doing pretty well in school. Sunday morning however there was a really bad fire in a duplex across from his school and 4 children died in the fire. I have heard 5 people died......4 were children. I am pretty sure at least 2 of those children went to Noah's school.

Without going into details.....I just ask for prayer. Prayer for the children in the school who are now being subjected to seeing this every day......with the police and news crews all well as immense prayer for the families immediately affected by this tragic loss of loved ones.

I think that about sums it up.

Thank you


Drama Mama said...

Prayers coming.

So sad.

Hope Noah is well -

Melinda said...

Noah is doing well so far. He has said he hoped one of the children who died was not his best friend Trevor. I did not know he had a best friend. I ask him all the time and he never really said till tonight. I asked him if Trevor was in school today and he said no.......that he could not find him anywhere. SO I don't know. They have not yet released the names or more information on the victims.

Thank you for the prayers. X

Melissa said...

This is such a sad story. I heard it on the news last night. The local channel I was watching said they decided to not release the 911 recordings since they felt it would be bad taste of the family members. They said the 911 tape didn't shed any light on how it happened.

I know Audrey started asking questions even like, "What happens to your skin in a fire?" I tried to not dwell on the details and get her back to the big picture that they ended up dying. It's so sad...

I hope Noah's little friend wasn't a victim. I think Ch. 22 released their names last night, and for the life of me I cannot remember if Trevor was one of them. I do know a boy was mentioned.

Mom said...

I'm glad it hans't seemed to bother Noah too much. Things will soon settle down, but until they do something with the duplex, it will be a constant reminder to everyone.

I feel sorry for those small children that were trapped. I saw a photo of one man that jumped and broke his arm.

Love you both,