Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dear Noah...

You are continuing to do well in school. We are both loving this cooler early fall weather! It has been gorgeous outside!

Your broke out your long pajamas last stay warmer. You wanted to turn the heat on......I told you it was too early for that.

Last night when we stopped to see Grandma C. you were sitting beside her with your Doodle Pad and drawing toilets....and explaining the different types and the sounds they make. You said the automatic flushing toilets have an "EVIL EYE" that is red that watches you and knows when you are finished to flush the toilet. I had never heard you describe it like that before.....or thinking that the toilet had ONE EVIL EYE.

Today you wanted to take this book that records to school so you could record the URINALS flushing. The sound......I imagine you would then listen to it over and over again here at home. I have become an expert at tuning out most repetitive Chinese Water Torture type sound effects coming from you or your room. HUNDREDS of times I have listened to toilets flushing on You Tube videos.....or trains and their horns or just the trains moving down the tracks.

I told you that you could not take the book to record anything in the bathroom as that would only wind you up in trouble.....but maybe you could take a small dollar store pocket recorder to school hidden in your pocket to take with you to the record the sounds......stick back in your pocket or put in your backpack.....till you came home.

MY only problem with my idea is that you might want to start replaying the sound effects immediately in class.......etc. OR you would not place the recorder in a locked position once you finished and it would erase all the sound effects before you got home.

SO......maybe we can go together and you can record day after school or before......and then I can take the recorder home for you to have something to look forward to after school.

A few more of your quirks surfaced again today at the end of the day when I picked you up. You snuggling up into my boobs....running awkwardly toward me......then going to the gate and chains/lock at the gate at the playground fence.....waiting on me while I talked to your Parapro......picking up the chain and continually smacking it against the gate......over and over again......droning on......and on.......and on...... I called out to you to stop it once.....and it continued. Then I saw another teacher standing at the gate nicely tell you to stop it and redirected you toward me.

I stand there and wonder if anyone else is noticing the things I do.....or if they are all unconcerned and not paying attention. I know for me it feels like all eyes are on you.......but I doubt that is reality. I don't really care either way.......but those are thoughts that cross my mind while I stand there watching you.

AND for anyone else out there who might want to hear a variety of toilet flushing sounds.......check this site out and CLICK on PLAY on each one. I scrounged online to find some toilet sounds for Noah to listen to. When I showed him the site......he grabbed my face and started kissing it squealing "thank you thank you thank you!" SO........enjoy........I hear flushing and special effects coming from Noah's room as I sit here and type.


I love you very much.



mcewen said...

Ooo the hoops we doth jump through and over. I think one of mine might like the loo flushing site but the other one! Torture.

How did we learn to start thinking like this? Sometimes I wonder if anyone understands and then I make few visits like this and I know that we're all in it up to our necks.
Great post.

Drama Mama said...

I love that simple things make Noah so happy.

Melinda said...

me too! He has never been a "typical child" that tends to get caught up in toys and "gotta have this" market.

I have tried to instill in him a simple but happy life......and taking time to enjoy all life has to offer....

thanks drama mama!

Melinda said...


yep...I do the same thing! I wonder....and then I make my rounds and always feel better to realize many of us face the same issues day by day!

Have a good one!