Friday, September 28, 2007

Dear Noah...

You are continuing to do pretty well in school and enjoying it. You are having a very difficult time with all the writing. Since you basically only mastered the skill of writing about 18 months ago...and it still is a struggle for you......along with your weaker hand has become a chore. BUT you get through it and I do see improvement each time we practice more and more.

We have made friends with a stray cat at grandma C.'s house that we both just love. He has become a lot more tame around us and grandma and our hopes are to give him a good home one day soon.

Here he is checking out your camera and Doodle Pad. You two play together a lot......

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the difference in this cat has grown over time......he has progressed from a very scared hopeless little cat to one who became hopeful but remained a bit apprehensive to one who is now a lot more least of us. He now allows us to pet him and he rubs all over us and grandma C. He also plays with us a lot. He is a sweetie. Here you can see the change in his face and demeanor over time...

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Anyway.......I love you a lot Noah....



marie6 said...

It's been ages since I looked into your blog as I've been tooo busy. I'm really pleased Noah is getting on well in his new school, GOOD LUCK to him and you too!

Grandma said...

Dear Noah,
It was nice seeing you Friday evening. Next time you stop at KFC bring it down here and eat, rather then sitting in the car at the park. I can even set up a snack tray and you can set on the patio and eat if you want to.

Did Mommy get any nice sunset photos on her way home?

Love you bushels,

Melissa said...

this is audrey i think that is the cutest cat ever.