Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dear Noah...

We stopped by grandma C.'s house again tonight....and you were trying to chase off a cat from another cat hanging around her house we have made friends with......and you ended up falling down pretty hard on the sidewalk......cut up your knee.....came in.......saying you were going to bleed to death if I did not get the blood stopped and you thought you broke your camera!

I tried to calm you were crying pretty hard......and there was a lot of bright red blood on your knee and hands......and your elbow. I took you to the bathroom.....checked the camera too and said it was fine......on and on you went....about bleeding to death. I explained that a few scrapes on the knee and cuts you would not bleed to death. I could clean you up and fix you up in no time. We got a cool wet washcloth out and wiped you all up......wiped the tears away.....and finally got the blood to stop enough where I could put some antibiotic cream and a Band-aid on your knee. Your elbow was mostly bruised......and abrasions were on your hand.

While doing all this you proceeded to tell me how it all happened...and the fact that you were running at least 35 MPH. I told you that you could not have been running 35 MPH.....grandma said "I don't know.....he was running pretty fast!" I smiled. I said maybe you were running closer to 5 said it had to be at least 14 MPH. For some reason I found all the exactness of the MPH of your running a bit amusing.

Anyway.......I cleaned you up....and we enjoyed the rest of our visit. Uncle Sonny and Uncle Mike stopped in. I took KFC to grandma C's for supper and everyone ate. That made me happy. You were happy.

And all was right in your world again.

Mommy loves you.......forever I will.


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Patty said...

Yes, I talked to Mom around 8:30 or so and she said everyone was gone, and I asked, who all was there. And she told me.

She feels bad that you bring down food to her all the time, I told her if you couldn't you wouldn't. She was glad the boys all ate up the chicken since she hated to see it wasted.

Probably to Noah, he felt like he was running 35 miles an hour. And I can remember this one time you did something to yourself, came running, saying I'm blooding, I'm blooding. I had to chuckle.

Also about the scissors, I remember two different times you tested them out, once on your own finger, cut the very tip off, and the neighbor had to take us up to the doctor's office, he sprinkled some kind of powder on it, stuck the little piece of skin back on it, and wrapped it good. Another time you tested them on your bangs, had just a little stubb for a while, until the hair grew out. The first time you had picked up my really sharp scissors. The second time was just like school scissors.

Kids will be kids.
Love you both,