Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dear Noah...

You are continuing to do well in school although you have had a few of your quirky ways surface. For example you are very touchy/feely and love to kiss and hug...although you still have definite times when you want no one to even SEE you let alone kiss you.

You love women and love to kiss or hug up to their breasts......which I have been working on teaching you is something you just cannot go around and do with anyone, any place, any time you feel like it. I totally understand these are sensory issues. I totally understand you like how a breast feels and how it looks jiggling around and how it feels to snuggle up to them.

Teaching you appropriateness of personal space and socially acceptable behavior around other people and their bodies has been an ongoing issue. You have improved tremendously over time......but today......you slipped up. Your Parapro told me when she brought you out to me at the end of the day that you were kissing and licking a girl's arm in class. You told me you were just "sniffing/smelling" it. AND the Parapro said you pinched her butt when she had her back turned to you and you apparently wanted to get her attention. She is aware you are NOT aware that anything you are doing is wrong.....or inappropriate.....so she ignored you and did not make a big issue out of it.......perhaps that is why it is so difficult to get you to realize personal space and not invading other's personal space. She does not want you to stop being touchy or wanting to give hugs and be loving.......but we do have to work on teaching you there are certain people you can do that with and certain places or times it is appropriate and other times will only grant you 10 minutes less on recess. Like you can hug people in your family.......but maybe not kids at school. Although I have seen the teachers here allowing you to hug them which I think is great.

So the consequences you face tomorrow.... 10 minutes less recess time. You will already be going in the hole starting the day off.

However, I love your acceptance of this. SUCH HUGE progress there. No getting upset or meltdowns. You accept what is handed down to you.....and pretty much do so without saying a word. I think because you do realize when you have done something you are not supposed to do....especially if you have been warned. AND that is one of the first steps in changing your behavior.

Anyway.........NO MORE GOOSING your Parapro!! No more smelling and licking kids on the arms or necks or any body parts!! I know you went through this stage before and I am sure it resurfaced because of starting school again......as that is where it surfaced the first time. AND NO MORE biting your arms either! It never ceases to amaze me how teeth marks and bruises do not bother you but a paper cut........you think it is the end of the world and you are dying!

We must continue to really work hard on your social skills and teaching you what is appropriate and what is not and trying to get you to understand the WHYS of it all.......when sometimes we don't even understand it ourselves.

I love you my little man!

XOXOXO (I guess this means I need to stop goosing you too here at home because you will think it is acceptable behavior to do to someone else!)


Mom said...

Yep, Mom you'll have to stop goosing Noah, even in play, because he might think he's doing the same thing, like you said.

Glad school is still going good for him and he's still liking it very much.

It sure turned out to be a wonderful day, just the right temp out side.

Love you both, have a good evening.

Drama Mama said...

This post was sweet. My mom was my third grade teacher. There was a boy named Benny who used to goose her and rub her bottom and breasts. She didn't make a big deal out of it, just redirected.

Funny. None of us kids ever thought anything of it!

He sounds like he's doing great -

Melinda said...

Love you too mom!

Drama Mama: Thanks.....yes....this Parapro did not make a big deal out of it either which I was thankful for. She actually found it amusing. AND yes.....back when I was in school none of us would have thought anything about it either. Now most kids are not allowed any contact at all......of the physical kind....while in school. Although I have to admit....since being in a smaller school.......they seem to be much more lenient about things like that which I like!

kristi said...

Last year TC licked a teacher. I wasn't aware of it until our last IEP. I knew it was sensory related. Since we started therapy, he has been diagnosed with sensory integration disorder. We are having issues with reverting back to old behaviors as well. I know TC is just trying to get used to everything but it hurts me to hear he head banged today. Hang in there, sounds like Noah is finding his way! The toilet thing is really something!

Melinda said...

Thanks Kristi...we will hang in there. Yes Noah has sensory integration disorder too and a lot of things he does is associated with that and are sensory issues.

I do not want him to go backwards in progress.....so hopefully he can become adjusted to school and get over these sensory issues he had before when he was in school now soon...I know starting school triggered them......but I also know they should hopefully pass....so he will have a better chance to focus more on school! ;)