Friday, September 21, 2007

Dear Noah:

The last 2 days you were in the "yellow zone." You were not very happy about that. One day you apparently tried to kiss your parapro on the arm and she had you put yourself into the yellow zone....because they are trying to get you to break those impulses and learn about personal body space and others' personal space......and privacy...etc.

You have a CRUSH on your parapro. When I asked you WHY you tried to kiss her you said very loudly like I should know......."because I have a crush on her!" YOU are too cute for words sometimes.

I forget the other reason for being moved to the yellow zone.

I am a bit scatter brained today.

Your friend's name is apparently TRAVIS not Trevor..and he is a FOURTH grader! You met him playing basketball on the playground. You and him seem to have really hit it off. I am thrilled you have made a new friend and when walking to our truck at the end of the school day Travis is usually there to say goodbye to you.

I also noted on the way to school in the mornings you are always on the lookout for 2 little girls. One walks to school and we usually pass her or her us in the mornings. The other day you wanted me to pull over quickly once you saw her coming so you could get out and walk in with her. BUT she was fast and kept moving though you did roll the window down fast and told her good morning. She just shyly smiled at you. YOU also always wave and smile to another little girl on the playground. Yeah....I don't think you are going to ever have any problems winning female over. It seems to come very natural to you.......and most everyone else seems to like you a lot too.

The parapro even admitted to just loving you. are so adorable and lovable she said.

We went to see 2 houses for sale in the area last night. Nice big older homes. The second one was very very nice. I could see us living garage however......though there is plenty of room to add one on later. We met up with our former realtor and your real estate lingo has not faltered. You could easily take prospective buyers on tours of homes! You know more than some real estate agents I have worked with. We had a ball and you want to look at more homes tonight. I explained we were only just starting to keep our eyes open for a place......and all the circumstances would have to be right before we could buy anything. This second house was very nice....and the price was not bad. BUT......unless I can move my butt faster typing......I am still only officially working part-time. Unfortunately that could limit what we do. SO I am working on changing that.

OH......I remember the reason you were moved to the yellow zone the second time. Because during a class project when you had to use scissors to cut paper words out and glue them onto another also purposefully it appeared....cut your shirt. A brand new took the bottom and apparently wanted to see what it felt like to use the scissors to cut it......which you did. A nice-sized hole too.

I still love ya. Since you are fascinated with had to have me film us flushing the toilet in the home that was for sale. Lately you have been sitting and watching videos like this on You Tube for hours.......



That' s All For Now Folks!


Grandma said...

Dear Noah,
You are something else. all ready like the girls huh.

I can only imagine how much you enjoy looking at houses for sale.

Have a good week-end.
Love you bushels,

Melissa said...

Winning over the girls already? You sound like Audrey with her "crushes" on boys...geesh, these kids are only 7 and 8, what's it going to be like when they're 15 and 16.

Sounds like fun looking at the houses!

Great job on another week of school done. :)
Love you!

mcewen said...

The little one [that abhors toilets and their noise] is also an arm kisser, quite passionate sometimes.

I see the road ahead!


Melinda said...

Noah used to be scared of toilets and hated their sound too. He still does not like automatic flushing toilets.....and toilets that are too loud when you flush them......having to cover his ears or leave the stall so I can flush for him....

It took him forever to get over that......and same for outside toilets...port-a-pottys......he now loves those too!