Friday, September 14, 2007


YES! Yesterday you were so happy to tell me you remained in the GREEN ZONE all day at school! I treated you to KFC for supper since you did so well! You also reported you sneezed all morning long and had a runny nose......but those are just some allergy symptoms. Seems we get them about this time of year.......and you have a very strong immune system and can get rid of them or adjusted to them pretty quickly. I gave you some Benadryl once you got home and you were fine after that!

The fascination with toilets continues........which is not uncommon for you. You have a select few things you remain fascinated with all the time......but I have noticed you sometimes rotate them as far as the amount of time you invest in any ONE thing.

You have always been fascinated with trains.......and then highways and maps......road signs......etc. ANYTHING to do with real estate......home construction.........blueprints...floor plans......looking at model homes......toilets and bathrooms, LOWES' appliance center, cameras and making movies.....ALL fascinate you. NONE of these subjects ever gets totally tossed out of your life......but sometimes you put a few on the back burner and pick up another one you have not frequented as often.

Anyway.......this is a BIG HIGH FIVE for doing so well in school! Today I am meeting with your homeroom teacher because I asked I could find out what she might be teaching in school this year so I could reinforce those studies here at home.

I love you..........way to go Noah!



Grandma said...

Dar Noah,
So very proud and happy you stayed in the green zone,which means everything is A-OK and go.

Looks like a rain storm is headed our way. Was at Grandma C's today, we had lunch together picked up a few groceries, had an ice cream cone, went past Cousin Debbie's house, Aunt Vera's old house and on down around to see if Uncle Mike was out and he was mowing his grass with his riding lawnmower, so we stopped and talked for a few mins. He gave me quite a few red and yellow tomatoes, I just ate one of the big yellow ones and it was delicious.

Have to run. More later. Love you to the moon and back and then some more.
Grandma L.

Melissa said...

Yay for Noah!! Great job kiddo....that's wonderful news!

nq said...

I'm so glad to hear you're doing so well in school, Noah! great job!!!!

Drama Mama said...

Big thumbs up...way to go!
Miss M says that the zones are a VERY big deal in her classroom, too.


mcewen said...

What a little star. [can we twinkle in green? Why not.]

It's amazing the phases they go through and all the junk we end up hauling around.

Glad everyone had such a great day.