Friday, September 07, 2007

Dear Noah...roaming and fascination with urinals...

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Well you have had another successful, happy week in school. You are doing very well......but they finally realized something at the school that I had told them about before...that you are a "roamer." If you want to get up and go somewhere you just get up and go. You do not get permission or tell anyone what you are doing or where you are going. SO I guess a few times you have come up "missing in action" during school which I was not thrilled to hear.....because those things happened in the past when you went to a public school and I don't want you to end up missing or wandering off. Because of this they did assign a full-time paraprofessional to be with you all the time in case you need help or direction or just another set of eyes watching you to make sure you don't wander off! They call them a "parapro" at your school.

MOST times they have found you down in the bathroom. Your obsession with toilets has returned...which I was thinking it might once you started school. You are really obsessed this year with "urinals" and the boy's bathroom in general and apparently after you go to the bathroom you then spend a lot of extra time playing in the sink or flushing the toilets over and over again. I can only hope your hands are not ending up in the urinal. SO they thankfully found you in the bathroom many times....once you somehow escaped from lunch altogether to go to the playground. I am not sure what else has happened. They have never called me to tell me anything of the sort...and I only found out today because I had already decided to talk to the parapro a bit after school. We have not yet had our official meeting with the staff or any official plan drawn up for you at this school. I gave my permission for you to go ahead and start school now without all that in place ahead of time because I did not want to delay you starting school.

You do seem to be enjoying it.....and you are doing really well sitting and do your best I am told in the classroom. The problem now is just the wandering and bathroom issues which we all will have to work on.

Lately you have spent your free time watching video snippets on You Tube about toilets. ANYTHING about toilets. You can watch it for hours if I let you. ANY time the Travel Channel does their Top 10 bathrooms or top 20 whatever it is.......we all watch it together. I have to admit even I enjoy seeing all those different bathrooms all over the world!

You somehow think watching all the toilet videos is bad.....or something to be ashamed of or something you have to hide from me because anytime I walk into your room and a clip is on you cover it up with your hands or tell me "don't see me!" I asked to see what you were watching tonight and it was nothing bad at all....strictly a clip about different toilets. I told you that it was okay to watch it. You then shared it with me.

They moved your lunch to an earlier time and it sounds like you go with a group of kids in other classes you do not even know. They did this to work out a schedule so someone would always be around you to keep an eye on you. The problem is now your lunch is super early and you get super hungry before you come home. NOT sure how well this will work out.

I am still thrilled your body is adjusted to going before and after school as far as your bowel movements are concerned. AND otherwise all is going very well.

I love you very much the moon and back again! Forever and ever and ever!



Melissa said...

It sounds like he's doing a great job in school! Audrey eats lunch so late they allow the kids to bring in snacks and they eat those in the late morning. I usually pack her peanut butter crackers or something like that.

KC's Blog said...

Hi Melinda,
I once saw a program on the tv about toilets in Japan. It was very interesting because some of the toilets in Japan come with heated seats and do the cleaning for you, woo hoo! It was really cool, I don't know if Noah has seen that program or not but I bet he would think it was cool. I was amazed!

Melinda said...

yes we have seen that show and we both enjoyed it! haha

kristi said...

Tc eats lunch kind of early. Some days he won't eat! They ask for you to send a snack for the afternoon and he usually has a snack at daycare (if it is something he will eat).
As for the toilet obsession.....
well, toilets are interesting!!

Melinda said...

yes Noah is like that..if it is too early he won't eat well. He did better at the later lunch. What concerns me more is he is not with his own class by changing him to the earlier time. I am not sure who he sits with but they are other kids he does not even know. I don't think this bothers Noah much but it concerns me a bit....because how can he bond a bit with his classmates if he is not allowed to be around them even for social things like eating lunches together. Anyway......I will find out some things next week after I make some calls.

Thanks for your visit and comments! :)

Drama Mama said...

Yes, Melinda - make those calls. If you have concerns about the new lunch schedule - have them change it. Put it in the IEP. Tell them about the early lunch/hunger/possible disaster if your boy's blood sugar gets too low. Have them give him a snack. Sheesh. They should take all of this into consideration.

I was a very squeaky wheel about lunch and recess - we now have a "lunch buddy" program where there is a playgroup with a para, time outside with everyone else, lunch with her peers. It took awhile, but everyone is very satisfied with it.

He sounds like he is doing a great job.

Hugs to you--