Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dear Noah:

You did pretty well last week in school. I am scheduled to go over all the school assessments of you with the staff and come up with any specialized plans you might require on October 3. I really think it seems things are going much much better than it ever did in the past, but you are also much older now and have changed a lot. So this is very good.

Not much else new. Mommy has been so scatter-brained lately......I cannot focus or concentrate on much for a long period of time. I cannot always recall things as quickly as I did. This is extremely frustrating. Many variables contribute to this I am sure and I am working on resolving them.

Today is Sunday and I personally don't feel like doing much of anything. At the same time I want to do everything. Weird I know.

And for readers out there who might be interested. Noah used to be scared to death of toilets...especially FLUSHING toilets. He still does not like automatic toilets or toilets that flush loudly in public places. I have to be the one to end up flushing them in most cases. He also never would use a Port-A-John.......but he does now. He loves them. Now he has gone off to the other end of the spectrum......where he is obsessed with toilets and flushing......even though there are still some he refuses to get near let alone flush.

Anyway.........I should get off here for now and get something accomplished. We still have to put the rest of our decorations out for fall. Guess we could start there.



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Grandma said...

Dear Noah,
Glad everything is going so well at school for you. Keep up the good work. Listen to what the teachers have to tell you.
Love you very much,