Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dear Noah...

We went to your Aunt Melissa's house yesterday for a visit and we ended up going to their local park so you and Audrey could play. It is a very nice park there. You ended up falling off the swing (I think you fell when trying to jump off it but you said you did not do that). You fell on the SAME already-injured left bashed up knee......and cut it up again BELOW the old now you have TWO injured areas on your knee. Last night you could barely walk around it hurt you so bad.
Today it is much better and we will likely end up at Brumbaugh's Fruit Farm to go check out their fall festival stuff. They have so many fun things to do out there......and the weather is perfect for it. We will then end up at grandma C's house again and check on her and the cat. Stay for a visit. Then back home cause tomorrow is another school day and week already!

We will need to get some pumpkins today if we can.......somewhere!



OH......I think I am going to postpone your surgery 6 you can have it done once you are OUT of school. It would be easier on you to not have to miss any school and risk doing a activity while there which could mess up the surgery. The surgeon said it would not increase your risks for testicular cancer or infertility much more by waiting...only 1% perhaps. SO....I think that would be easier for you and would ensure proper healing time after the surgery.

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Grandma said...

The postponed surgery sounds like a good idea to me. Hope you have fun at Brumbaugh's and also Grandma C's.
Love you,
Grandma L.