Friday, December 29, 2006

Noah and I reading/singing from The First Day of Winter

Noah and I checked this book out from the library (The First Day of Winter by Denise Fleming)......but I may have to buy a copy. It is along the lines of the Twelve Days of Christmas but instead is about a snowman and what his friend brings/gives to him for the 10 days of Christmas. Rather than type in each lyric for each day I will go directly to the end of the song and you can look to see what each day is from there. The clip is of Noah and myself singing/reading the story/song....he was so excited during this clip he could not hold the camera still......

On the 10th day of winter my best friend gave to me:

10 salty peanuts
9 big black buttons
8 orange berries
7 maple leaves
6 tiny twigs
5 birdseed pockets (NOAH LOVED THIS PART)
4 prickly pinecones
3 striped scarves
2 bright blue mittens (I kept wanting to say muffins)
and a red cap with a gold snap (also a favorite line for Noah)

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