Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Dear Noah:

Christmas Eve morning you came into my bedroom to wake me up you said "just long enough to wish you a Merry Christmas" which you did and then hugged and kissed me and left my room. SO sweet you are.

On Christmas morning you came running into my bedroom yelling "Mommy, mommy, you have to come see this.....Santa has been here....Santa has been here!"

You were soooooo excited! I have yet to take pictures of you with anything. You got a new digital camera you wanted to record movies too......a new PC game called Train Simulator and a RR crossing signal which you wanted but did not expect Santa to get for you! ONCE that camera hit your hot little hands that is where it stayed ALL DAY LONG! You were so happy and tonight you came in and said to me "I love Santa!" and you told me how happy you were and how much you loved all the things you got for Christmas. Of course right now everything is taking a back seat to the Santa Stash....but that is okay........and you can open all your other presents whenever you feel ready for it. I told you that you could make it last as long as you wanted!

Today we went to grandma and grandpa Lincoln's for Christmas dinner and opening presents. You enjoyed yourself all the while filming everything and taking pictures. You only got a bit overexcited 2-3 times. The rest of the time you did pretty well. Here are a couple of pics of you with your cousin Audrey and grandpa Lincoln.


KC's Mommy said...

Awwww, how cute! Noah looks very happy and wow is this kiddo growing!

Melinda said...

yes he is growing like crazy and yes....I think the picture of him and his cousin Audrey is especially cute! they are adorable together!