Friday, December 01, 2006

Dear Noah:

Today is turning very very cold! That big cold front and rain/snow is headed our way. This morning we got lots of HIGH winds....and some big snowfall yet. I did manage to get you to the pick up some that is good.

However...I forgot how easily you can sometimes lose it emotionally when things in the environment are different. The high winds worried started crying and saying you were worried the neighbor's trashcans would be all over the main roads. THIS upset you greatly.

Then you got upset because you were worried it would be SLICK on the roads because of sleet. I had said to you earlier you had waited too long and we would not be able to go out because it was sleeting. You came to me crying and asked if you had once more chance.....I felt so bad. I did not realize you had taken to heart what I had said.......I told you of course we were still going to go to the store because we had to get some food for you...etc....and it was not that slick yet and it had stopped sleeting. We had to go regardless.

Then you cried and came to me again worried about "hurricane" winds......

Then we saw the hawk return in the backyard and you asked me "do hawks rule the world now?"

i love you........I have to remind myself how you actually interpret things sometimes.

mommy :X


kyra said...

oh, the weather. it is so very powerful. i wonder if our boys *feel* the energy in the air? the change in the ions, etc?

"do hawks rule the world now?" wow. i love the way noah thinks!

Melinda said...

hahah...thanks. I KNOW Noah feels the energy......he picks on on frequencies of things even I do not always pick up on.......whenever we go around those big power lines or towers he says it sounds different to him in the atmosphere........he KNOWS where they are all at by the difference in what he hears.

I loved that last line too......Do hawks rule the world now mommy? hahah...he is something...offers me up new way to see things all the time! :)